In the world of WWE, the show doesn’t end once the final bell rings. The conflicts and controversies continue across WWE’s digital media platforms, which operate 24/7.

WWE has a dedicated, passionate global fan base that expects fresh, unique content at all hours, and WWE’s Social Team delivers.

Our 11-man WWE Social Media team is an integral part of a 48-person team of editors, producers, designers, photographers and one WWE Hall of Famer creating content for WWE’s flagship website and App, WWE’s hugely popular YouTube channel, and WWE's social media channels on a daily basis.

WWE has a dedicated, passionate global fan base that expects fresh, unique content at all hours, and WWE's Social Team delivers.

With team members based in Stamford, Conn., New York City, Dubai, Germany and Mexico, as well as traveling team members visiting arenas across the globe year-round, our Social Team has the rare ability to shoot a video at a Live Event in London, send it back to Connecticut and post it to WWE’s multiple digital and social platforms in a matter of minutes to a majority of WWE's half a billion combined social media followers..

It’s this type of seamless integration that has made our Social and Digital Teams the industry standard.





The host of WWE SummerSlam, "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart, had to answer for costing John Cena the WWE World Heavyweight and United States Titles at WWE SummerSlam in Brooklyn. 

In an evolving landscape where consumers multi-task on mobile devices while watching WWE programming, our Social Team turns platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Periscope — among many others — into essential components for WWE's comprehensive sports-entertainment experience.

Our Social Team content creators collaborate seamlessly while stationed in all corners the globe. From the locker room of any one of 320 Live Events around the world, to the first floor of our corporate headquarters in Stamford, Conn., passionate producers provide up-to-the minute show coverage for all of WWE’s major events, create content with original video and photos, chronicle WWE’s community outreach programs, support our flagship network and so much more.

During every live televised event, and continuing throughout the week surrounding these events, WWE's team of content editors and social media producers strive to keep WWE fans consistently engaged with the latest happenings on our programming..

Before an event takes place, you can watch free action-packed matches on our pre-shows which are streamed live across all our digital platforms.

The live coverage continues throughout each event with video highlights and exclusive interviews with talent that you can only see on Facebook, and then continues after the event with post-show content exclusive to WWE Network or WWE.com.

A special look at the rivalry between Stardust and "Arrow" star Stephen Amell before Amell joined forces with Neville to face Stardust and King Barrett at SummerSlam.

Our Social Team is also quick to react to emerging trends by publishing in-demand content surrounding both our talent and celebrities in the realm of pop culture. We present our TV Creative Writing team with overnight updates on social sentiment on the segments that air on RAW and SmackDown, as well as the latest social media meme content and buzzworthy news. 

Because of this, only in WWE can an impromptu, off-the-cuff Twitter war between a WWE talent (Stardust) and a star from another network's TV show (Stephen Amell from "Arrow") evolve organically into a match at one of WWE's biggest events of the year (SummerSlam).

Or see one celebrity's love for WWE become a focal point of a major SummerSlam storyline. ("Daily Show" host Jon Stewart, host of WWE SummerSlam in Brooklyn, NY), continuing on to WWE Raw the next evening..


Social Channels

Social Channels



WWE on Twitter

181 Total Twitter Accounts, including 144 WWE Superstars and Divas talent-run account, plus WWE-run Events and Campaigns.


WWE on Instagram



WWE on Snapchat

Follow WWE on the Snapchat App on iTunes or Android for exclusive photos of our Superstars and Divas.

WWE on Tumblr
("WWE Parts Unknown")


WWE on Facebook

134 Total Facebook Pages, including WWE Superstars and Divas, Events and Campaigns.



WWE on Pinterest




Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter


  WWE's main Facebook Page's posts were seen more than 20 BILLION times in 2015, including 1 billion Facebook video views. 

WWE's main Facebook Page's posts were seen more than 20 BILLION times in 2015, including 1 billion Facebook video views. 

With more than 28.5 million likes, WWE’s Facebook Fan Page (http://fb.me/WWE) acts as a central nervous system for the WWE Universe, and the flagship for WWE's network of Facebook Pages, with a combined following of 387 million total likes -- up 22% year-over-year.

WWE's network of Facebook Pages offers breaking news, insightful articles on Superstar & Divas, polling, contests and much more, making it a must-follow for any WWE fan. 

The goal of WWE’s flagship Facebook Page is to offer one location for all of a WWE fan’s needs, but our network of Pages provides the Facebook user more opportunity to define their news feed with information on their favorite specific Superstars and WWE TV programs by following the appropriate Facebook Page in the network.

  • If our Facebook followers want the latest exclusive backstage photos and news from John Cena, they can follow Cena's Facebook page (http://fb.me/johncena) for the best candid shots from Cena's Instagram and Twitter accounts, plus photos and videos from his latest matches, and updates on his newest merchandise.
  • Want a preview of tonight's live WWE Monday Night Raw episode? Follow WWE Raw on Facebook for the latest updates and main event happenings.
  • Want to become the next big WWE Superstar? Go to WWE's developmental program WWE NXT and WWE Performance Center Facebook Pages for details on how to make your dream come true.

In all, WWE's Facebook Page network allows our worldwide fan base to get the latest updates in the way they choose, from the WWE news sources they prefer, in both an informative and entertaining way via content and updates created by the WWE Social Media team and the WWE Superstars and Divas themselves.


WWE on Twitter acts the main source of breaking news and like-minded conversation for the WWE Universe, giving WWE fans worldwide the chance to interact and engage with our larger-than-life WWE Superstars and Divas.

In addition to our more than 140 talent-run Twitter handles, WWE's flagship Twitter account (@WWE) offers live coverage of WWE's live TV shows WWE Monday Night Raw and WWE SmackDown, WWE's monthly pay-per-views, insightful features on Superstar & Divas, historical look-backs at more than 50 years of WWE history, user-generated content contests and much more, making it a must-follow for any WWE fan. 

WWE's complete Twitter network features more than 180 Twitter accounts, including one for every WWE and WWE NXT Superstar and Diva -- controlled personally by the talent themselves -- and 36 WWE-controlled accounts that cover TV programs, initiatives and sub-brands. These accounts have more than 119 million combined followers -- up 27% year-over-year.

By offering the WWE Universe both a one-stop shop for diverse WWE content and breaking news, plus one-on-one channels to their favorite personalities, WWE creates an passionate army of social evangelists and enthusiasts who share WWE’s messaging globally. 

WWE's Social Media Producers travel to every one of our 320 WWE Live Events and TV tapings worldwide, to help coach our WWE Superstars and Divas in Best Practices for Twitter, including proper verbiage. technique and etiquette for the social network. They also provide content ideas and assistance filming content when requested.

Using @WWE to lead online discussion on Twitter during WWE TV programming, we help focus, direct and increase social conversation through a variety of initiatives, helping make our shows a Social TV engagement leader every week, creating "second screen" storylines that transpire during the week and often during our programming's on-air proceedings.


Of all of WWE's social platforms, Instagram has seen the most user growth in 2015.

WWE's network of company and Superstar-run Instagram accounts have seen 9% monthly follower growth in 2015, now totaling a combined 49 million followers.

The goal of WWE's Instagram accounts is simple: provide a unique mix of candid photography from behind-the-scenes of WWE Live Events, as well as images from Superstars' travels around the world that captivates the WWE Universe's interest and imagination. 

Along these lines, WWE's Instagram account has given our followers never-before-seen access behind WWE's biggest events of the year, including SummerSlam and WrestleMania. We also give an inside look into the training that goes on for WWE"s newest Superstars honing their craft at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Fla.





With six hours of original televised programming each week, WWE's YouTube channel allows our worldwide fan base to catch up on match highlights, and enjoy original content and series from their favorite Superstars, Divas and WWE announcers.

The WWE YouTube channel's original content and series allows the WWE Universe to see Superstars and Divas in new ways, and allows WWE to extend evolving storylines to a second medium. This is in addition to the hours of WWE TV episode highlights added to the channel every month.

In addition to original series, WWE on YouTube presents monthly pay-per-view Kickoff shows, live and streaming free. These programs provide free in-ring action, exclusive interviews with WWE Superstars and Divas, as well as social interaction around the night's pay-per-view event.

This amazing curated collection of action, comedy, variety and sports-entertainment history has made WWE on YouTube one of the platform's most-subscribed-to, most-viewed entertainment channels.


With more than 8 billion video views in 2015, WWE is the No. 1 Sports channel on YouTube ahead of the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, ESPN and NASCAR.

In addition, WWE on YouTube has more than 9.4 million subscribers, which is more than MLB, NHL, ESPN, NASCAR, MLS and NBC Sports YouTube channels COMBINED.

In August 2015, WWE was the most-viewed YouTube channel, with more than 456 million views, topping previous  top attractions Buzzfeed, Taylor Swift and The Ellen Show. (Sources: OpenSlate & TubeFilter). This was fueled by original content and highlights from WWE's summer extravaganza, SummerSlam. involving event host Jon Stewart, and star of "Arrow" Stephen Amell.  (highlights below)

Neville & "Arrow" star Stephen Amell bring a high-flying offense to the fight against Stardust & King Barrett at WWE SummerSlam.

The Cenation leader has words with former "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart, who cost Cena the U.S. Championship at SummerSlam. 


Series and Highlights

Series and Highlights


In addition to highlight videos from WWE's popular television series, WWE Monday Night RawWWE SmackDown and WWE NXT, our Superstars are featured in a variety of weekly series, seen only on our YouTube channel. 


WWE's senior announcer Michael Cole discusses pressing issues in the WWE Universe with key Superstars involved in top storylines on our weekly programming.


Explore the unexpected as artist Rob Schamberger brings WWE Superstars to life from the WWE in-ring canvas to his art canvas. 


Pick any devastating maneuver in WWE history, and enjoy the rush as WWE.com gives you 30 seconds of high-impact action.


WWE on YouTube curates special packages of videos around momentous events. Above, the playlist shown details the secret arrival and debut of new WWE Superstar AJ Styles at Royal Rumble, complete with confidential interview given before his debut in the 30-man Royal Rumble Match. 


Right after the TV cameras on WWE NXT, RawSmackDown and pay-per-view events fade to black, the Backstage Fallout cameras fire up, with exclusive interviews with WWE Superstars about the night's action.


WWE.com chooses the Top 10 of almost anything in WWE history, from the best matches, moments, and Superstars, narrowing down to the best of the best.


See how WWE's award-winning composer Jim Johnston creates iconic WWE Superstar themes. In this very popular series, Johnston has revealed the inspiration behind themes for The Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, Randy Orton and D-Generation X.


Every week, host Kyle Edwards digs deep into the WWE archives to find the "Five Things" you didn't know about your favorite Superstars and events. 


Here are WWE on YouTube's most-popular video clips and highlights for 2015. 

What's going on between The Ravishing Russian and The Showoff? 

(No. 1 video: 18.2 million views)

The Beast Incarnate sends an expensive message to Seth Rollins on WWE Raw.

(No. 3 video: 12.9 million views)

The Big Dog vies for the grandest prize in sports-entertainment against The Celtic Warrior in this high-stakes rematch. 

(No. 5 video: 10.4 million views)

Nikki Bella is ready for some friendly competition with boyfriend John Cena on Total Divas

(No. 7 video: 7.5 million views)

Even though he's been given the night off, The Beast Incarnate wants a piece of The Deadman. 

(No. 2 Video: 14.9 million views)

The Vigilante Sting and The Viper repels an Authority attack on WWE Raw. 

(No. 4 Video: 12.3 million views) 


The Deadman and The Demon returns to interrupt their own eulogy and lay waste to Bray Wyatt and his cohorts. 

(No. 6 video: 9.1 million views)

The Big Dog shows no fear as he stands in the ring with his WrestleMania opponent, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. 

(No. 8 video: 7.2 million views)





See how WWE touches lives inside and outside of the squared circle.


  • For the third quarter of 2015, our primary website, WWE.com, averages more than 20.5 million unique monthly visitors worldwide, 418.9 million page views and 39.7 million video streams per month.

WWE Social Media

  • Followers of WWE across all of social media have totaled more than 569 million, with year-over-year growth of 30.9%. The Facebook fan count has surpassed 387 million and Twitter is closing in on 119 million. Of special note is WWE's 9% monthly growth in Instagram followers, a total which has now topped 49 million.
  • WWE and its Superstars' social media accounts had more than 790 MILLION engagements in 2015 -- an increase of more than 50% annually. 
  • The WWE flagship Facebook page has more fans than megabrands such as ESPN, Marvel and Nike, while posts from WWE's main Facebook Page were seen more than 20 BILLION times by Facebook users in 2015, including 1 BILLION video views.
  • WWE's flagship Twitter page has more followers than MLB, Disney and Sony, among others.
  • WWE is the most influential sports brand in social media, as ranked by Klout. We are one of only 12 brands/celebrities with a perfect 99 Klout rating. 
  • WWE is ranked amongst the Top 6 Most Social Brands in the World, in the weekly Sprinklr / Dachis Group Social Business Index rankings. (http://socialbusinessindex.com) -- the highest-ranked sports team or league in the Index.
  • WWE has the most social TV shows on two different TV networks (WWE RAW on USA Network, WWE SmackDown on Syfy)  (source: Nielsen SocialGuide) 
  • WWE Monday Night Raw is one of the top five most frequently mentioned TV shows on Facebook alongside Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live.
  • WWE and its Superstars have more than 1.3 million social mentions per week on average, with our shows WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown frequently No. 1 in social media mentions for both broadcast and cable television on their air dates. (source: SocialGuide) 
  • 27 WWE Superstars rank in the Top 100 most-followed athletes on Facebook. (FanPageList.com)
  • WWE's Digital Content, Digital Product and Social Teams have won or been a finalist for 40 major digital and social industry awards in 2015.


  • With more than 8 billion video views in 2015, WWE is the No. 1 Sports channel on YouTube ahead of the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, ESPN and NASCAR.
  • WWE on YouTube has more than 9.4 million subscribers, which is more than MLB, NHL, ESPN, NASCAR, MLS and NBC Sports YouTube channels COMBINED.

  • In August 2015, WWE was the most-viewed YouTube channel, with more than 456 million views, topping previous  top attractions Buzzfeed, Taylor Swift and The Ellen Show. (Sources: OpenSlate & TubeFilter). This was fueled by original content and highlights from WWE's summer extravaganza, SummerSlam. involving event host Jon Stewart, and star of "Arrow" Stephen Amell.  

WWE Network & The WWE App

  • WWE Network is the 5th most-popular OTT digital entertainment service, by number of paid subscribers, trailing only Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and MLB.TV. (Source: Parks Associates)
  • The WWE App has been downloaded more than 23.6 million times – 61 percent of which were international downloads from users in 220 countries.
  • More than 500 million videos views have been watched through the WWE App since its launch in July 2012.
  • In October 2015, there were 4.6 million daily WWE App users (non-WWE Network), with 133 million page views and 9.7 million total video views (also non-WWE Network).
  • WWE Network subscribers have consumed more than 256 million hours of content in 2015. 
  • The average WWE Network subscriber consumed 188 hours of content in 2015. 
  •  In the third quarter of 2015, WWE Network total subscribers increased 79% to more than 1.3 million from the third quarter of 2014; average paid subscribers increased 7% to more than 1.2 million from the second quarter of 2015.
  • The U.S. English language version of WWE Network is also available, on an over-the-top basis, in more than 175 countries and territories, including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico, Spain, and the Nordics, among others.
  • In December 2015, more than 1.3 million votes were cast inside the WWE App during the live, three-hour Slammy Awards program on USA Network, with more than one million unique users engaging on the platform during the show.


About WWE

About WWE


WWE, a publicly traded company (NYSE: WWE), is an integrated media organization and recognized leader in global entertainment.

The company consists of a portfolio of businesses that create and deliver original content 52 weeks a year to a global audience. WWE is committed to family friendly entertainment on its television programming, pay-per-view, digital media and publishing platforms.

WWE programming reaches more than 650 million homes worldwide in 35 languages. WWE Network, the first-ever 24/7 over-the-top premium network that includes all 12 live pay-per-views, scheduled programming and a massive video-on-demand library, is currently available in more than 170 countries.

The company is headquartered in Stamford, Conn., with offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Mexico City, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, Munich and Tokyo. Additional information on WWE (NYSE: WWE) can be found at wwe.com and corporate.wwe.com. For information on our global activities, go to http://www.wwe.com/worldwide/.