More than 200 videos and highlight clips were created for Tough Enough's 10-episode run, including numerous "Digital Extras" from the contestants' barracks, behind-the-scenes sessions with the Tough Enough trainers, and candid reaction from visiting WWE Superstars.  Samples of our best videos and most controversial moments are below.  Click here to watch the complete Tough Enough video collection on YouTube.


Chelsea is the lowest vote getter and is eliminated from WWE Tough Enough.

GiGi loses the popular vote and is eliminated from WWE Tough Enough.

Tthe audience vote eliminates Mada from WWE Tough Enough. 

Female hopefuls are put to the ultimate test when they are forced to take a body slam


Booker T, Lita and Billy Gunn speak to the finalists on day one of the tryout. 

Former contender Nicholas Cuffari exits the first day of the WWE Tough Enough tryouts the hard way, in an ambulance. 

Things get wild when ZZ shares the hot tub with his fellow Tough Enough competitors.

The hopefuls are tasked with a daunting swim in gator-infested waters to prove their mettle.


Sara and Chelsea discuss their growing distaste for GiGi and Amanda during a private moment inside the barracks. 

After receiving some inside intel, judge Paige confronts the WWE Tough Enough competitors on their off day.

Billy Gunn enjoys himself with the bullhorn during the focus challenge.

The female competitors are startled to find a new visitor in the barracks. 


Triple H snaps a final photo with the two Tough Enough winners


After every Tough Enough episode on USA Network, the attention shifted to WWE Network and YouTube, and a live episode of
Tough Talk, hosted by WWE commentator Byron Saxton. The show featured heavy social media integration with a live on-screen Twitter ticker, as well as questions taken from the live Twitter and in-studio audience.

Watch guest host Byron Saxton grill the competitors and judges as they react to this week's elimination. 

Byron Saxton, Triple H, the judges, coaches and hosts of Tough Enough, grill the competitors as they react to the grand finale.