Below are the most popular episodes of UpUpDownDown, based on video views, as well as samples of various channel features, such as Jump Scares and Superstar Savepoint. To see more, visit our YouTube channel: YouTube.com/UpUpDownDown

MADDEN FINAL: The time has arrived. Seth Rollins a.k.a. Champ, the reigning Madden Champion, takes on Jack Swagger a.k.a. Oklahomie in the finals of our Madden NFL 16 Tournament! Will Champ retain the right to his nickname, or will 2016 be The Year of Oklahomie?

TOURNAMENT: The gang is back for another fighting game tournament! Austin Creed, Mr. Miller (Heath Slater), Uce (Jimmy Uso), Kofi (Kofi Kingston) and Mikaze (Sarath Ton) are joined by a newcomer under the nickname of Tong Po: WWE's Rusev! 

SUPERSTAR SAVEPOINT: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins joins Austin Creed to talk his video game habits, being champion, his crossfit regimen and more while playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time. 

JUMP SCARES: In honor of Halloween, behold this compilation of UpUpDownDown's host, Austin Creed, getting spooked by all manner of creatures from our weekly Jump Scares show.

TOURNAMENT: In a manner true to the franchise they're playing, Austin Creed and his guests "test their might" in a Mortal Kombat X tournament in this week's episode. The competitors joining Austin are WWE seamster Sarath Ton a.k.a. Mikaze and WWE Superstars Jimmy Uso, Heath Slater and Kofi Kingston. 

GAME PREVIEW: The long-awaited video of Austin Creed, Sasha Banks a.k.a. Boss, Kofi Kingston a.k.a. Mr. 24/7 and Big E a.k.a. Big Wool playing the new Rock Band 4!

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