Take a tour of the brand-new WWE.com with an in-depth look at the fresh design and slew of new features. 



With every website redesign, the aim is to improve engagement, user experience and meet the needs of worldwide viewers who are increasingly consuming content across multiple platforms. These goals took on an added emphasis, and were met with more demanding challenges, following the February 2014 launch of WWE Network – a 24/7 streaming service with both scheduled programming and a massive, on-demand video library.

The WWE Digital team wanted to create a much more differentiated and personalized WWE.com experience that excited non-subscriber users, yet also drove these users into exploring more premium content offered on our subscription platform of WWE Network.

WWE, along with our design firm, sought to re-imagine the overall presentation of multimedia content, both free and subscription-based, as well as achieve a functional design that looks great on any device and optimizes content for users anytime and anywhere. With 70% of users opting for mobile devices to consume our digital content, the redesigned WWE.com had to be mobile-first – serving that audience first and foremost – with a primary focus on increasing video views and overall time spent on the website.

Other key objectives were to provide users with powerful new abilities: to read and watch content simultaneously, to discover international content that is most relevant to their particular region, and to share content with their friends and family easier than ever before.


An ambitious overhaul that took more than 16 months from start-to-finish, WWE and our design firm worked in tandem seamlessly to execute every last painstaking detail according to plan. A wide-ranging slate of projects included entirely new front-end content feeds and landing page layouts, a complete reconstruction of the editorial content management system, and an immense data migration that involved more than 4,000 video playlists, among many other articles, photo galleries and more.

As part of the website redesign’s focus on video consumption, a best-in-class Video Explorer was built to live at the top of the screen, offering contextual video content – from both WWE.com and WWE Network – to every page the user visits. This easy-access leads to increased video views throughout the site, and allows users to continue to scroll down any page while continuing their video-watching experience simultaneously while other content is explored. And what the user sees from a content perspective changes dynamically based on the user’s region, including totally in-language content display for German and Spanish users.

In order to increase time spent on the website, an infinite scroll was implemented on the homepage and other key destinations, which allows users to explore unlimited content options that they can choose from. Improved social sharing and commenting features also drives more engagement, and with that in mind, the redesigned WWE.com allows users to share content immediately from anywhere on the site – even when just perusing content from a feed and not the individual content page.

Most of all, WWE.com was built for the future of our digital landscape, with a mobile-first design that looks more vibrant and immersive on smartphones than it does on laptops.


  • For the third quarter of 2016, our primary website, WWE.com and WWE App averaged more than 17.6 million unique monthly visitors worldwide, 289 million page views and 25.3 million video streams per month combined.
  • WWE.com averages nearly 15.7 million monthly unique visitors worldwide with 206 million page views and more than 22.2 million video views per month.
  • WWE has location-based websites spanning 49 countries worldwide, where fans can enjoy an in-language WWE experience.
  • More than 543 million WWE-related videos are watched monthly across WWE.com, the WWE App, YouTube (WWE channel) and Hulu.