Austin Creed — known to WWE television audiences as WWE Superstar Xavier Woods of the wildly popular faction The New Day —  is the charismatic and energetic host of WWE’s YouTube gaming channel, UpUpDownDown.

As good at mashing buttons as he is at smashing opponents, Creed emcees the bulk of the channel’s six weekly videos, including the popular “Gamer Gauntlet” where he battles fellow WWE Superstars in video games instead of in the ring.

Launched in June 2015, UpUpDownDown has received more than 75 million total views thanks in large part to Creed’s hilarious interactions with his fellow grapplers. Creed’s deep knowledge of gaming has allowed the channel to reach a crossover audience of both sports-entertainment supporters and hardcore gamers while attracting new fans who discovered WWE through Creed’s infectious videos.

Doubly impressive about Creed’s work on the channel is his ability to juggle his full-time WWE schedule while recording videos for the channel itself. WWE Superstars are on the road for roughly 300 days a year, yet Creed still finds time to put the show together in the locker room during WWE Live Events, while bringing quality guests and interacting with the channel’s large fan-base on social media.

Creed’s frenetic energy and enthusiasm while on-screen is contagious and is without question a direct correlation to UpUpDownDown’s 920,000+ subscribers and sponsorships with major brands like General Mills.

For these reasons and so many more, he would be the perfect selection to be honored by the Webby Awards in its Performance & Craft: Web Personality/Host category.


Seth Rollins vs. Jack Swagger Madden Tournament FINALS (Madden 16 Tournament) — Gamer Gauntlet

Bayley vs. Sasha Banks III (Mortal Kombat X Makeup Punishment) — Gamer Gauntlet

Turtles in Time w/ Seth Rollins — Superstar Savepoint

Stats: 817,814 total subscribers | More than 75,880,000 total views since June 2015 | Most popular video has 1,989,574 views