• WWE has 439 million combined followers on Facebook, an annual increase of 20%
  • The main WWE Facebook page has 32.8M followers -- more followers than: NBA, Kim Kardashian, Nike, Marvel, Google, ESPN, Jay-Z, Sprite and UFC.
  • Facebook was WWE’s most engaging platform in July, with 59.5 million engagements across the Facebook Page network.
  • John Cena has the largest Superstar followership of all WWE accounts on Facebook, at 42.2M followers. He is the most-followed American athlete on Facebook.
  • Of the Top 100 most-followed athletes on Facebook, 25 are WWE Superstars. (Source: FanPageList.com)
  • WWE Raw and SmackDown Live are the two most-social TV programs on USA Network, and are both frequent Top 5 and Top 10 weekly social TV series, respectively. (Source: Nielsen Social)
  • WWE and its Superstars have averaged more than 96 million social engagements per month in 2016, with most of the content centered around action from Raw and SmackDown Live.
  • WWE is the most influential brand in Sports Media, as ranked by Klout. We are one of only 12 brands & celebrities with a perfect 99 Klout rating.