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The host of WWE SummerSlam, "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart, had to answer for costing John Cena the WWE World Heavyweight and United States Titles at WWE SummerSlam in Brooklyn. 

During every live televised event, and continuing throughout the week surrounding these events, WWE's team of content editors and social media producers strive to keep WWE fans consistently engaged with the latest happenings on our programming..

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A special look at the rivalry between Stardust and "Arrow" star Stephen Amell before Amell joined forces with Neville to face Stardust and King Barrett at SummerSlam.

WWE's Digital Team is also quick to react to emerging social media trends by publishing in-demand content surrounding both our talent and celebrities in the realm of pop culture. And our Social Team presents our TV Creative Writing team with overnight updates on social sentiment on the segments that air on RAW and SmackDown, as well as the latest social media meme content and buzzworthy news. 

Because of this, only in WWE can an impromptu, off-the-cuff Twitter war between a WWE talent (Stardust) and a star from another network's TV show (Stephen Amell from "Arrow") evolve organically into a match at one of WWE's biggest events of the year (SummerSlam).

Or see one celebrity's love for WWE become a focal point of a major SummerSlam storyline. ("Daily Show" host Jon Stewart, host of WWE SummerSlam in Brooklyn, NY), continuing on to WWE Raw the next evening..